Raheen Wood Community National School, established in 2008, is a co-educational, multi-denominational primary school.

Prior to receiving provisional state recognition as a national school, Raheen Wood School was the founding Steiner Waldorf School in Ireland, established in 1986. Now, as a Steiner Community National School offering the national curriculum, we provide a distinctive education, offering an inspirational, rigorous and nourishing educational experience for children from Junior Infants, right through to Sixth Class. Located just outside the east Clare village of Tuamgraney the school is nestled between the trees of our four acre woodland site.

Our school is founded on the conviction that a true education must engage and nourish the whole child; body, mind and spirit. We work to develop an education that is a living, loving process – awakening in children the confidence and truth of their connection to, and place within, the wider community and world. Our school aims to nurture and develop a sense of truth, individual morality and responsibility that is the foundation for true freedom.

For 33 years we have provided a distinctive and nourishing Steiner education here in East Clare. At Raheen Wood Community National School our mission statement is to undertake to provide a Learning Community and environment which:

• Is founded on a true understanding of the developmental needs of the whole child and provides balance between thinking, feeling and willing.
• Nurtures creativity and a sense of beauty.
• Enables children and adults to feel understood, accepted, valued and nurtured.
• Develops a deep connection with nature and natural rhythms.
• Creates the space (inner and outer) that is necessary to experience the essential goodness of the World.
• Honours and protects the precious nature of childhood and recognises the gift that children bring to the future of humanity.
• Nurtures and develops the sense of truth, individual morality and responsibility that is the foundation for true freedom.
• Values learning through experience; which develops the children’s confidence and equips them with the skills that are necessary to fulfil their life’s potential.
• Encourages teachers and parents to respect each other and work in partnership to surround the child with love and security.
• Upholds the need for the teachers to be free to work out of an inner connection with the children and with the Steiner Waldorf curriculum in order to bring what is needed to meet the developmental needs of the children in their care.
We hope you enjoy our website! For more information contact our office or attend one of our open days.

Open days

We welcome the return of the Advent Fair which will take place this year on Saturday 26th November 2022 from 12pm to 4pm. Our Open Day, for people who are interested in sending their child to school here, will be on Saturday 28th January 2023, from 10am to 12pm.