The school community and parental involvement

Parents attending a school festival

Parents attending a school festival

We have a vibrant school community with families from a wide variety of backgrounds. In addition to local families many families relocate to the area to send their children to Raheen Wood School. Community spirit is central to school life and the festivals celebrated in school bring everyone together.

The community is a vital part of the life of the school and parents can be involved in many ways, for example through the School Support Teams which take on such tasks as organising craft groups and fairs, fundraising, hospitality, maintenance and publicity. Many families participate in school life here in Raheen Wood, working together as a community in a variety of roles.

There are many ways in which families support their child’s journey through the school. These include:

A feast prepared by parents for a kindergarten festival

A feast prepared by parents for a kindergarten festival

• assisting with class trips, camps and activities
• becoming a Class Parent Representative
• joining the Fair Team
• assisting with fundraising
• attending the monthly work day
• becoming a member of the Board of Management
• joining the committee of the Parent’s Association
• becoming a member of one of the community groups such as the craft group

We understand that parents are sometimes too busy with work and other commitments to give much of their time to the school and so this is not a requirement, however, there are some ways in which every parent can support the school and we ask that all parents:

• work towards understanding the principles that lie behind Steiner Waldorf Education so that they know what they have chosen for their children and can give the teachers wholehearted support in their work.

• ensure that their children come to school regularly and arrive punctually every day.

• arrive in good time to meet their children when they have finished school for the day and leave the premises promptly unless they have a legitimate reason for being at school and their children are properly supervised.

• ensure their children come to school dressed in suitable clothes for the weather and for the activities of the school day, that they bring enough to eat during the day and have had enough sleep.

• attend class meetings

• attend and participate in Festivals

• ensure that their children’s after-school and weekend activities are appropriate and do not compromise their school work.

• try to ensure that homework is done and that their children come to school with all the necessary equipment for each day.

• are open and honest in their communication with the teachers about their children’s health, family circumstances and anything else that may affect their behaviour.

• limit their children’s exposure to mobile phones, tablets, television, videos and computer games according to the child’s age. It would be of great benefit to children in the lower school, and especially Kindergarten children, if they were kept away from them entirely.

• familiarise themselves with the school’s rules, policies and procedures and, by respecting and following them and encouraging their children to do so, help with the smooth running of the school.

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