Subject lessons

In addition to the Main Lesson separate, subject lessons in games, handwork, painting, form drawing and languages are taught from Class 1 onwards, sometimes by the Class Teacher and sometimes by specialist teachers.


In 1920 R Steiner said

“the more we take into account that intellect develops from the movement of the limbs, from dexterity and skills, the better it will be”.

This motto stands behind the whole Steiner curriculum and especially the handwork curriculum. Learning through doing and learning through making are fundamental principles of Waldorf education. Recent research has indicated that the use of the hands has laid the foundation of the development of the brain. The size of the brain of our ape ancestors increased according to the increase in tool use. Activating the will in handwork strengthens will activity in all subjects, learning one thing makes it easier to learn another.  If we make patterns, seeing, recognising and using patterns becomes easier for us. Confidence in one subject carries over into another. When the child learns to make beautiful, useful things, a social awareness will arise and appreciation for the work of others, as well as knowledge and respect for the source of the materials, the natural environment, tools, resourcefulness, and recycling principles.


Details on other subject lessons coming soon. 

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