Newsletter  24th June 2019


Class 6 Graduation                        Monday 24th June 7pm

Children’s Festival                  Tuesday 25th June

Kindergarten End-of-Term Festival                    Wednesday 26th June 11.30am

Parents’ Festival                      Wednesday 26th June 1.10pm                              

Last day of Summer term                            Thursday 27th June 12pm Close

First Day of 2019/2020 School Year              Wednesday 28th August 2019


                       Verse of the Week

The light-filled beauty all around me everywhere,

It calls me to leave my earthly dwelling,

On wings of fancy sweeping, swooping, soaring light as air,

Where sun-rays glimmer and where waves of warmth are welling.


My Angel calls – his love I shall not shun;

For in the sparkling light and glowing warmth of sun,

With joy we fly together – and are truly one.


From – In the Light of a Child,  

 Michael Hedley Burton



End of Year Festivals

Last Friday was the Pea Fair & St. John’s Festival. The weather was kind to us and the sun shone for a great and memorable festival.. After a slow start and with plenty of encouragement from PJ – the bonfire lit and the fire jumping could take place! Thanks to all who helped on the day – fire wardens, parking wardens, all those who took part in the games etc….

The Parents’ Festival is this Wednesday at 1.10pm – a chance to enjoy and celebrate the children’s work of the last term. The Kindergarten Festival is also this Wednesday from 11.30am. Thursday is the last day of school, finishing at 12 noon.

We hope everybody has a very enjoyable Summer break.


Class News

Class 1 / 2 had great trip to Holy Island last Tuesday – on one of the nicest days of the year so far.

Their week of swimming was a great success thanks to the tremendous parental support given with driving to and from the pool every day!

Kindergarten and Class 1 / 2 enjoyed very much the Eurythmy show performed by the group of students from Kilkenny last Friday. Thanks to Roxanne for organising.

Class 3 / 4 had a wonderful visit to Ronan’s Uncle’s farm this week on Wednesday, they thoroughly enjoyed the experience – many thanks to Franci and to Mícheál for inviting them.

It is an important and memorable week for Class 5 / 6. They played such a big part in the St. John’s Festival on Friday and are looking forward to their Graduation Ceremony this evening. We hope they enjoy their few last days in Raheen Wood Steiner National School.


Address Check:

If you have changed your address during the school year, please ensure that the office has your new address. This is important to ensure successful delivery of end of year school reports.

2019 / 2020 Term dates:

The term dates for next year, 2019/2020, distributed with the last Newsletter, can be found on the school website,


Handwork Display – Wednesday 26th June

As part of the Parents’ Festival, all school families are warmly invited to come and celebrate the wonderful work created by the children in their Handwork lessons.

They have been working hard on their projects and would love to share them with you.

All are welcome to visit the handwork room from 12 noon on Wednesday, before attending the Main School performances.

Many thanks, Susanna


Preparation for Back to School

Dear Parents,

Before we all part ways for the Summer, I just wanted to set a seed for preparing to hit the ground running next year!!  Each year parents are asked to come together to clean and prepare the classrooms so that the children come back to a clear space and a fresh start.

We are organising to have the keys available for Saturday 24th, Sunday 25th and Monday 26th August.  Myself and Nicky will be coordinating preparation for Class 3/4.  We ask that parents of each class coordinate with their teacher and each other to organise what needs to be done for their class.  It would work best if we can all do some time in these three dates, however, if these dates don’t work, you can contact me to arrange to have the key for the dates that work for you. You can contact me on 087 2365185.


I would like to thank all parents for the immense support and effort you have given the school this year.  It is much appreciated and acknowledged!!!

Wishing you all a well-deserved break and wonderful adventures over the Summer, and look forward to us all coming back revitalised and refreshed for the new year!


Fiona Coady, PA Chair


Craft Group News:

Craft Group extends a warm welcome to all – big and small – to our Summer sale. This is a great opportunity to support the school, get some fabulous Waldorf crafts, stock up for the Summer birthdays and the all-important teacher and thank-you presents!


Craft Group gave another €450 to the school from our most recent sales (between Easter and now) on June 20th. This brings our total donations to the school for this current academic year to €4,312 to date. See you all at our last sale of the year on Wednesday June 26th both before and after the Parents’ Festival.

Thanking you all and wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable Summer break


The Craft Group


Thanks to the Craft Group:

The school would like to sincerely thank the members of the Craft Group for their amazing efforts again this year. Proceeds from the sale of their handcrafts contribute very significantly to school fundraising every year for which we are very grateful. (The group are always looking for new members to join them on Thursday mornings, all welcome!)


Notes from the June Board of Management meeting

  • The BoM would like to thank all those involved in the Mountshannon Festival stall and the May Day Bake sale which both contributed significantly to the school finances.
  • The BoM are pleased to support Class 5/6 undertaking a renewable energy workshop.
  • Training: Roisín Brett attended the Gordon Woollard workshop.
  • The BoM are pleased to support Alan Tuohy in participating in the Steiner Teaching Conference in Hungary in July.
  • The BoM are pleased to support the CoT in undertaking the Activating Art in Language Learning course run by Nell Smyth in August
  • The lamp posts in the car park and on the main avenue to the main school will be replaced over the coming weeks.
  • The BoM would like to thank those that have responded to the Budget update and donated to the school in the last month.
    Furthermore, the BoM would like to remind families that they can make donations right through the summer – it is never too late to support the school




Brigit’s Hearth Early Childhood Care       is looking for a full –time senior carer.

Minimum level 8 in early childhood required, and an interest /openness to Waldorf Steiner Education.

We are looking for someone passionate about working with young children (6 months to 6 years old) in a mixed- age group setting.

Home making skills required (baking, cooking, ironing, knitting, etc.).

The post begins on August 19th, 2019.

For more details on our work see our website

To apply send us a letter of interest telling us about yourself with your CV to:  the manager at

Closing date for applications: June 28st, 2019.


English Teaching Post – Raheen Wood ALFA

English teacher sought to teach six 45 minute lessons a week to 2 classes in a junior certificate equivalent programme with enthusiasm and love of working with teens 13 to 16.

Teaching experience and Bachelor’s degree required. .

Curriculum to cover a wide range of literacy, grammatical and oracy skill. 

Ideally the candidate will be motivated to work alongside our thematically based curriculum with a dynamic team and small classes of motivated students.

Mentoring available.

Please contact Alan Dickey, school administrator, for further details and application form –     061 640798


Piano Lessons 

Beginning September 2019

Learn to read music!

Beginners – All ages welcome !

€20 for half an hour lesson .

Please call Aeren / 0877916603



Guitar & Singing 

Starting in September 2019

Learn all the chords you’ll need – to  play and sing along to.

Give yourself the gift of music and expression!

Teens and Adults

€15 for 35 minute sessions

Contact Aeren :0877916603



Enquiry Circle 

Starting in September 2019

Looking into the philosophy and teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti an Indian philosopher who founded the Krishnamurti schools in three countries , having been privileged to have attended one of these schools for a time  in my teenage years I have always been drawn to this amazing mans philosophy of life. We will explore different topics together bringing it back to our own life experiences and individual discoveries  – having attended a Steiner school from kindergarten up to high school,  appreciating as well some of the philosophies and teachings  of R. Steiner  –  I would also like to open  the space to see what R.Steiner has to say on chosen topics – and possibly some other philosophers at times  – though the main focus will be on the human experiences of those attending the enquiry space and of Jiddu  Krishnamurtis insights .

This will be an exploration and we will see how it needs to organically move.

If you have an interest please call Aeren : 0877916603





Many Pathways in Faith –

A Friendly Invitation

Meeting Our Faith Neighbours

Muslim Talk at Raheen Wood Steiner Secondary ALFA School from 7-8pm, Tuesday 2nd July,

before July Quaker Meeting at 8pm


In recent years, Ireland has moved from a society of relatively few faith traditions to one with many. How well do we know our faith neighbors? Last autumn Quakers in Limerick hosted a series of evenings where one speaker from the diverse spiritual traditions in Ireland shared their personal experience of faith and what it means to them in 21st century Ireland. Speakers came from Non Christian and Christian traditions.

Scariff Quaker Meeting meets on the first Tuesday of each month and this July we have invited Najwan Elmagboul to share her experience of her Muslim faith with us.

Muslim Speaker: Najwan Elmagboul

This event is free and all are welcome to attend the talk and/or Meeting.


Art Project:

Dear people of the Raheen Wood Steiner School                                                       

My name is Jorinde Brandligt and I am a photographer from Holland.

The reason I write you is that I am in preparation of a photo project in Ireland about Peat, the use of turf and the use of the Bogs.

I lived for a while in the west of Clare myself where I had a little piece of bog for my own use together with my neighbors.


Ireland is the last country of Europe where the turf is used in this way and I want to keep this tradition in images.

I want to investigate and photograph how turf is used nowadays, the cutting, piling it up, bringing it home, burn it, cook on it, etc.

In Holland there is nothing left of it, we all burned it long ago.

Me myself I love a turf fire and used it all the time, I will never forget the smell of it!

But now my question for you people: For this project I am looking for people who own a piece of bog for its turf and use the turf for heating the house.

I am looking for people who don’t mind to be photographed and published, or even like it!

The reason I write you is because I am connected with The Rudolf Steiner School In De Bilt, Holland and so I feel a connection with you 🙂


My second question is, because I will come over several times and want to stay in your town for a while, are there people with a not too expensive facility to stay there a few times, maybe a cheap apartment or so, where I can cook for myself.


So these are the questions, and I know what I am asking is quite something!

But maybe somebody has an idea or likes to think with me because it is a project in a very early phase and all ideas are more than welcome!

In that case please let me know at: and we can talk about it.


Happy greetings!     Jorinde Brandligt


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There is a small charge in advance for any adverts making money




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