Welcome to Raheen Wood Steiner National School! Thank you for your interest in enrolling in our school.

Open days

We invite you to visit the school during one of our open days. These are held twice a year;

See the school, meet the teachers, see what makes our school unique and why our children love to come to school!

Open days this year will depend on the Public Health information and guidance at the time.

In accordance with new legislation, Raheen Wood Community National School is implementing a new Admissions policy and procedure for the academic year 2021 / 2022.
An Admissions Notice will be published here in the next few weeks. It will outline the new procedure on how to apply for a place in the school.

Financial Information

Raheen Wood Steiner National School is a state funded primary school. As a state funded school there are no tuition fees. However many families choose to make regular donations to the school to fund subjects that are not provided for by the state and to allow for additional teachers/teaching assistants. These additional donations, that parents make, and all of the other parental fundraising, are central to the provision of many of the Steiner aspects of the education. For example, the presence of two parent funded kindergarten assistants allows a teacher:child ratio of 1:9, this ratio enables children to climb trees, take daily forest walks and take part in daily baking and craft activities. The subject teachers are also parent funded, allowing children to take lessons in French and Handwork.

The school does not provide a list and ask parents to purchase books and materials.  The high quality materials used during lessons such as materials needed in handwork lessons, textbooks for use in the classroom and copybooks, paper, crayons and pencils, are purchased in bulk by the school and parents reimburse the school for this outlay on the basis of an annual cost per child. Materials money is also used to fund the hot organic meals provided to kindergarten pupils daily.


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